Innovative revenue management tools for Vacation & Airbnb rentals - See pricing for your Airbnb listing!

Take the guess work out of your nightly pricing, let our algorithms do the number crunching.
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Stay updated with your neighborhood, use reports to understand competition & rental trends.
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    PMS Integrations

  • Vreasy
  • Orbirental
  • Beds24
  • Airbnb
  • Kigo

About us

PriceLabs is building the most innovative and easy to use revenue management tool for vacation and short term rental industry. While hotels, airlines, and even e-commerce have used sophisticated tools to price their inventory for years, vacation and short-term rental industry have lacked similar tools. Our team has years of experience in revenue management, travel and analytics industry, and are putting all that experience to making sure that you get the best rate possible for every night. So no more worrying about the competition, or wrestling with the calendar for hours! We have your back.