Frequently Asked Questions

  •    1. Which countries are you available in?
    • We are available at most places on planet Earth, and by that we mean it is a pretty big list. Unless you are on a private island, or a boat or someplace super exotic, and if there are other Airbnb’s/ hotels/ hostels in your area, chances are we are available in your area.
  •    2. How do I add a listing?
    • Have you requested a demo pricing for your listing? If not, enter your Airbnb URL on – we’ll send you an email with your pricing and how to create an account, & add listing(s).

      If you have created an account but still aren’t sure how to add a listing. Login to your account, and go to following link: . Click on the “Add Airbnb listing(s)” button (blue color). You’ll be asked for your Airbnb details to add your listings to PriceLabs. Your login information and any account information, is secure with us, we use 128-bit encryption. We will not share your account information. (See privacy terms)
  •    3. How do I find/get my Airbnb username and password?
    • Glad that you asked, we made a video tutorial for this:
  •    4. Why do I need to enter my Airbnb credentials? How will PriceLabs use my Airbnb credentials?
    • We need the Airbnb details to both price your listings and to update your Airbnb calendar (if you so wish). We encrypt all information and your information is never shared!
  •    5. Can I add listings from more than one account?
    • Yes you can. However, we prefer that you set-up a separate account. It’s just cleaner.
  •    6. How do I send the prices I see on PriceLabs to my Airbnb calendar?
    • Have you added your Airbnb listing to PriceLabs? If not, refer to question 2. If yes, after adding your listings, you’ll see a switch inside the cirlce just above your listing name on page. Click on the switch and its color changes to green and now your prices will get updated once a day.
  •    7. How do I know what the 'average price' field should have?
    • Choose the price that you currently use for Airbnb. We recommend that you use the price where you have received bookings. We use average price as the starting point for pricing your listing. So assuming that for any average day with no events, your listing will be booked at the average price you specified – we calculate prices for high demand days, low demand days, and in-betweens.

      We review these base prices periodically, and will inform you if we think a change is needed.
  •    8. How do you decide on the prices for my listing?
    • Secret fairy tells us! Just kidding. There are multiple factors that go into determining pricing for your listing. Simply put, we look at the performance of your listing, the number of stay options in your geographic area and then we couple this with the expected number of people trying to book a place in your city. From that we calculate what the right price for your listing should be so that there is a good chance of booking, without sacrificing on the rent you charge.
  •    10. How do I check that the prices I see here reflect on my listing's calendar?
    • Simply log into your Airbnb account and see the pricing on your Airbnb calendar.
  •    11. The dashboard doesn't show my prices after the wheel stops spinning. What am I doing wrong?
    • We only price 90 days ahead. If your listing is not available for next the 90 days, we cannot show pricing.

      However, if your listing is available within the next 90 days, and still you don’t see pricing, we must have hit a snag. Damn bugs. Please send us an email, we’ll get on it right away.
  •    12. If I don't like the prices being suggested here for certain days, can I set them myself?
    • Yes indeed. Look at the custom pricing section after you select a listing on the pricing tab. It allows you to update prices for the days that you wish to control.
  •    13. How much does the service cost?
    • Please see our pricing page for service charges and pricing related faqs.Click here
  •    14. How do I delete my account (and remove Airbnb credentials)?
    • Simply send us an email at – we’ll delete your account and remove all information within 24 hours of receiving an email. Please send us a email from the account as we have on file.
  •    15. How do I update my password for the listings that I have added?
    • Add the listings again by pressing the blue button with title "Connect to your Airbnb account" on the page.